Brains and buzzers


Kayla Harvey, Copy Editor

Brains and bravery take part in this season’s quiz bowl team at RHS. With 12 student mathletes, this team leads the way for Roseville to have a prosperous year.

“I am very proud to be on the team this year, and of everyone on the team, this is the best we have ever done,” senior Nathan Richendollar said.

Every Wednesday at Stevenson High School, the quiz bowl team has a meet at four, but seems to lack support of RHS at the meets. Quiz bowl, which sometimes goes by other names such as scholastic bowl or academic bowl, is the quiz game that tests players on academic subjects usually including four or five players and a buzzer. Tryouts are not held to be part of the quiz bowl team, but you do need to show some initiative and work hard to hold your place. Yearly, the team looks for more diversity, as there is only one girl, A’Mari Traylor, and a handful of freshman.\

“Quiz bowl is fun because we learn random facts; I plan on staying on the quiz bowl team throughout high school.” Freshman Farris Batarseh said.

Science teacher and coach Brian King says that senior Nathan Richendollar and junior Samuel Heaton are leading the way this season, but all members are contributing to the already state qualifying team.

“We won the first tournament that qualified us for states, this is my first year coaching and I have never worked with a better group of students, ever.”