Crossing the finish line

Meaghan Allen, Managing Editor

On Friday, Oct. 24, the RHS cross country team went to Lake St. Clair Metro Park to compete in the MHSAA regionals cross country meet. The guys placed 12th in the region scoring 309 points while the girls placed 10th in the region scoring 270 points.

Each race consists of 3.1 miles. Senior Anthony Moss and junior Brendan Sluchak both ran their personal best times of 17:45 crossing the finish line together. Senior Eleni Haralampopoulos ran her best time of 21:55.

Channel 7’s, State Champs was there at the meet, recording and interviewing the team, mainly the seniors, to highlight Coach Daniel O’Sullivan. They asked the seniors questions about how they liked O’Sullivan as a coach, and how has he made an impact on their lives. The seniors on the team will miss O’Sullivan, and are going to come back to visit him and see how his team are doing in years to follow.

“He’s more like a father figure to me, and I’ve never really had that,” Haralmapopoulos said on State Champs.

They also interviewed O’Sullivan. They asked him how he thinks the team was doing, and the things that he does to help prepare his team for race day. State Champs also asked him about the student athletes as a whole.

“You guys are like my kids,” O’Sullivan said on State Champs.

The story aired on Nov. 2, on Channel 7.

Overall, the Panthers had a very good season. O’Sullivan had the team doing quality interval work at the beginning of the season, and by the end of the season, the team was doing more speed workouts with less rest time between each interval. This is what helped each member of the team run their personal record at the regional meet.

The girls went 13-12 and the guys went 15-10 in the dual meets.