What are you looking forward to for the third trimester ?


Freshman: Austin Nagorny

Anitra Vance, Staff Reporter

Next year, I will be looking forward to becoming ready for the real world by using the skills I have learned in school to pursue my goals in life. I will try even harder than before to keep my grades and GPA up. I have a lot of things going on next trimester because this will be my last year being in high school. This is the time for prom, graduation, and seeing some of your friends for the very last time.

“Life here for me is very new it is my first year and I have already made a lot of friends. But what I will be looking forward to next trimester is keeping my grades up and planning on following my goals for my future. I will stay at Roseville until I graduate, I am also on the baseball team and cannot wait until spring gets here so we can start having our games. I try to keep pushing myself to becoming better so when I graduate I can become a veterinarian,” freshman Austin Nagorny said.

A lot of students here mostly look forward to school just coming to a complete end. However spring break is coming up and that gives students the chance to relax and take a break from the stress in school. There will be a lot going on in the third trimester like the juniors have the SAT coming up and the seniors are getting their prom and graduation items together. Also they are getting sophomores ready for their SAT next year.

“When I first came here I felt as if I could not really fit in but I managed to make new friends and keeping my grades up. I could never see myself going to a different school, I like it here. My closest friends are here caring and helping me get through a lot,” sophomore Myaa Burdick said.

We have a lot of spring sports coming up and a lot of students play spring sports like track, so this is why third trimester is so special to everyone. It is the time of the school year when if you still have those friends that are close to you, they will stay close through the summer. A lot of students will be finding what path they want to go down for the rest of their school days.

“This is the last trimester of my junior year and I have a lot going on for me. I will be taking the SAT this spring and I believe I am ready. I cannot wait for this trimester to be over so in the fall I could play basketball again. I love that sport, that is who I am! So this trimester, I am finishing strong so I can build a nice foundation coming into my senior year,” junior Lazell Judge said.


Sophomore: Myaa Burdick
Junior: Lazell Judge