Close to the surface: Love after tragedy


 When devastation strikes, life can feel empty, negative, and cold. There seems to be no hope after kids are hurt at school, and some lose everything. After the tragedy at Oxford High School, students didn’t wait to step in and fight for a change. One student, identified later as sophomore Ciara Jones, went around the school, placing small notes of hope and positivity, reminding all of us that we need to stick together in times like these and never give up. These notes read things such as, “Rest in peace to the four who lost their lives at Oxford,” and “Oxford strong!” The little things such as these notes remind us that we are stronger than we think, and there is no stopping us students from fighting for our right to go to school and our right to be safe. 

 Not only students are a part of the change, however. On Dec. 10th, both staff and students were asked to wear their Oxford shirts that they had purchased in the cafeteria earlier that week. Staff gathered in the main hallway by the lower FLEX lab for a group photo as well. 

 “I was really happy, I even helped hang them up. It’s good to remind people to give each other hugs and I love that some people really do benefit from them,” junior Kendall Cannon said. 

 If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please do not hesitate to reach out.