Welcoming Our New Staff


As the 2021-2022 school year begins here at Roseville High School, we are joined by many fresh faces, and one of them is Ms. Dulce Castellanos, the new Spanish teacher. Before she joined us here at Roseville, Ms. Castellanos was a teacher and a tutor at Pontiac Middle School. Ms. Castellanos graduated college with two degrees, one in Spanish and another in English. “Teaching the students, through conversation about Spanish culture,” said Ms. Castellanos when she was asked what her favorite part of her new routine was. Getting to know more about Ms. Castellanos, her favorite tv shows are Friends and Big Bang Theory, her favorite seasons are fall and winter, she doesn’t have any siblings and the pet she favors is dogs.


Along with Ms. Castellanos, Ms. Devin Denryter has also joined us here at Roseville. Ms. Denryter is a newer counsellor. Before joining us, Ms. Denryter worked at an adoption center and in foster care, at a place called Family & Community Services. Ms. Denryter graduated from Oakland University with a bachelor’s in social work. Some more random facts about Ms. Denryter are that she has one sibling, her sister and that her favorite tv show is Grey’s Anatomy. “Of all the shows on my Netflix account,” said Denryter when she was asked to pick her favorite Netflix show. Her favorite season is fall and the pet she favors is cats. Make sure to stop by, not too often, and give Ms. Castellanos and Ms. Denryter a warm welcome.