All of the lights


Dana DeLiso

Seniors Dana DeLiso, Paige Lekki, and Olivia Morris out in front of an illuminated building in Downtown Rochester.

Olivia Morris, Staff Reporter

Amid this seemingly never-ending pandemic, it can be hard to find things to keep ourselves occupied. Now that school is officially virtual until Jan, there is a lot less human interaction between us students. However, with the holiday season creeping up, what’s a better way to fight that cabin fever than enjoying festive lights with your friends!

There are so many places that are all decked out for the holidays. For example, Downtown Rochester is where seniors Dana DeLiso and Paige Lekki, were on Wed. night. Every inch of Main St. from University Dr. to Second St. was, and still is, completely illuminated by colorful lights.

“It was so fun just walking around and absorbing the exciting atmosphere, I definitely plan on doing that again,” said Lekki.

Despite most of the restaurants being closed due to the shutdown, the spirits were still high. The most important thing during these trying times is to stay positive, and now is the perfect time to have fun with the people you care about.

“Going to look at the lights and just spending time with my friends was so wholesome and fun, it was just a good time for everyone,” said DeLiso.

If Rochester Hills is too much of a hike, there are plenty of other festive places in the area. Places like Wahby Park in Saint Clair Shores or in Grosse Pointe on Jefferson. Downtown Detroit is also quite cheerful at Campus Martius, with the humongous Christmas tree and ice-skating rink opening on Dec. 6.

Looking at the festive lights is a great way to stay humble and appreciate what’s around you this holiday season. So, dig out your hats and gloves (and face masks), and have some fun!