Varsity Basketball dominates against Walled Lake Northern


Players and coaches are supporting on and off the court.

Madison White and Tori Crenshaw

The 2018 boys’ varsity basketball season had started with a bang at the scrimmage against Walled Lake Northern high school. Not only was the game full of excitement, but many players got to show what they were made of. The final score was 65- 44, a panther’s win. Both teams had shown immense effort in this game, pushing the limits and working as hard as they can.

With the bleachers almost full and the players taking the court, highlights were made almost every play. Several chances of slam dunks were executed, making the game one to remember. Multiple players had put up a great fight on defense, including #24 Lazelle Judge. Point guard #2 Martell Turner had his input on the game as well.

“I felt great about this game, I knew we were going to win,” Turner said.

The panthers will be taking on De La Salle at Calihan Hall on Dec. 1 at 3:00 p.m. There is a lot of hype for this game, giving the boys a chance to really make their mark. If the panthers get to move on from this game with a win, it means they get to go as far as quarter finals in states, according to the Macomb Daily.