Senior wills & goodbyes


Jonah Acedillo: I pass down the trumpet section to McKenzie Farbanho. I’m so proud with how far you have come and I believe that you will shape my trumpet babies into something great. I pass down my passion, knowledge, and dedication to my trumpet section: I hope that you realize that marching band isn’t just an activity; it creates unbreakable bonds with others and helps you discover your true self.

Charles Allen: I leave my legacy.

Meaghan Allen: I leave my heart to my boyfriend Joe. Also, I leave newspaper to little lou and Zack.


Brielle Blackwell: I leave Roseville to my sister, Brooke, and brother, Bobby.

Brendan Kwietniewski: I give my Drum Corp Ambassador membership to Curtis Mack. And my half of the drum locker in the band room goes Amanda Shultz (Lorrain Flemming)

Jaclyn Brohl: I leave behind my name on the marketing wall, and for all that know me, my love for Steve Jobs “stay hungry, stay foolish.” I also leave the advice to get involved and share a smile with everyone you encounter! I promise there are good people here, you just have to be one to find one!


Antonio Campbell: I leave behind a lot of laughs, jokes, smiles, and a funny personality. Also, the legacy of Petey the Panther. I’m going to miss it all.
Dominic Coschino: I leave all of my knowledge and success to future generations.


Ryan DiCiacca: I’d like to pass my swag down to my brother Matt Fowler.

Lilliana Dyer: I leave my “don’t care” attitude to Allyson McCarty. Don’t let these irrelevant people dull your sparkle. I also leave my bae watch eyes and ears to Miriam Logan, don’t let me down.


Kayla Harvey: I leave behind all I know, sports and newspaper. I leave my wonderful cheer team, especially De’Asia Jones, my favorite base. I leave wonderful throwers on the track team, including Amari Traylor (whose going to do GREAT as a senior), and my favorite twinnies <3 and my perfect news staff and teacher, PRINT IS NOT DEAD!


Brendan Kwietniewski: I give my Drum Corp Ambassador membership to Curtis Mack. And my half of the drum locker in the band room goes Amanda Shultz (Lorrain Flemming)


 Justin Leavy: I leave my spot on the varsity bowling team to Adam Walzak, do good next year man, have fun.


John Mills: I leave my position of top shot-put thrower to Nathan Williams.


Stephanie Parker: I leave the swim team to Jessica Chess. You’re going to be an AMAZING captain.

Sheyenne Patheal: I give everything to my freshie Desiree Perry.

Joesph Petrone: I’m leaving the baseball team to Matt Fowler, keep doing you kid and you will be something great. Evan Gates I’m leaving my dodgeball and volleyball title to you guys.

Cassidy Phillips: To my boyfriend Rory, who I leave all my love. To my friend Christina and Brook who I leave all of times we had together.

Treaustin Pippen: I Treaustin Pippen leave my drumming skills with Lon Tonio Johnson.

Katie Potbury: I will Maddie Kurtz to fully take me place in band. You are the new me. Have mercy on poor Chesh. Also, for Curtis and RJ: Go out there and be the best drum majors you can. Make me proud. And Drama Society: Continue to shine like the stars I know you are. Alyssa,  take the lead role by the reigns and own it.


Kalee Rumfelt: I leave my sass to Morgan Barbret, you’ll need it. I leave my performing ability, determination, and dedication to Miranda Rumfelt. And although I don’t want to give it up I leave my color guard to the lovely seniors of next year, Tyra and Morgan. I love you guys and hope you strive to be your best.


Lindsey Somoski: I will my little brother, Dylan Somoski, my great reputation and athletic abilitlies. I will my sports as middle hitter and volleyball skills to Rachel Sieracki. I leave my spot as captain for soccer to Meg Toureau.


Devonte Thomas: I leave all the ladies, my lockers, the football team, track teams to the underclassmen.

Julianna Tribu: I leave my wonderful defense position to the person that wants it next. Be warned, even though it’s defense you will do a lot of running! I leave my wonderful stunt group Shawna Brandt, Destinee Wells and Alyssa Rogers ( WHO BETTER TRYOUT, WE NEED TO DO THAT FULL UP).

Madeline Trudeau: I leave behind media (best graphics!) and marketing. It’s been amazing. I also want to leave behind the advice to always be yourself, I swear there’s at least one person in this school that will love you for exactly who you are.


Go out and make this world a better place because you are in it. Make a difference, make me proud to say that I was your teacher. I will miss seeing your faces, you have grown up into young women and men before my very eyes. It has truly been a privilege to be there for you and will continue to do so if you should ever need it. Congratulations Seniors!!!

I truly wish the class of 2015 health and happiness! Best of luck, Mrs. Hayward
– Mrs. Hayward

Je voudrais dire, “au revoir” et “bonne chance” à tous mes élves de terminale. Vous me manquerez vraiment! Restez en contacte s’il vous plaît!
– Madame Bourgeois

Keith, Frankie, Matt, Chris, Keyon, Jamal, and Corey. We have truly enjoyed watching you grow and wish you lots of luck as you enter your new journey after high school!
– Mrs. Stark & Mr. Hansen

Demetrius Buchanan, my adopted son, I hope you have learned that whatever you put your mind to, you will achieve. Good things happen to good people and you definitely are amongst the crowd. Thank you for reminding me that working with students like you is one of the rewards of being a teacher. Congratulations and be happy.
– Mrs. Kosinski

Wishing a successful future to the members of the class of 2015.
– Mrs. Brussow

Class of 2015
I have enjoyed watching you grow and mature over the past four years. Believe in yourself and go after your dreams. Thanks for all you have done to remind me what I love most about being a teacher. Best wishes for a bright future and happy life.
– Mrs. Scheff

1. Remember—your education is something that can never be taken away from you.
2. Think before you act and speak
3. Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more!

I wish you all the best in whatever path you take.
– Mrs. D

You Never Know Where You’re Going ‘Till You Get There!
– sage advice from Sylvester the cat; and Mr. R. Hansen too.

To all of the Prowl seniors, thank you for going on this journey. Your hard work and dedication will be remembered always. To the entire class of 2015, continue to work hard and never forget where you came from.
– Mrs. Drouin