Rumors reduce attendance 20 percent

Hope Greve, Editor in Chief

On Monday, Roseville High School was disrupted by a rumored threat reported by students, and reported to Roseville police over the weekend leading into the Oct. 27 school week. This was a result of a fight between a group of students that occurred in the halls of RHS Friday afternoon.

Building principal Pete Hedemark made the decision to send out a phone call to all Roseville High School families informing them that an incident had occurred, and that police would be on high alert at the high school that day as a supportive move.

“In the past there were similar circumstances, and parents were more alarmed when they dropped their children off for school, questioning why there were so many police on school grounds. They automatically thought the worst. We felt it was best to share information as soon as possible,” Hedemark said.

Many thought that the attendance turn out would be lower. There were actually only 20 percent less students than an average day. English teacher Dennis Borse thought at first it was going to be hard to get through the day, but then realized he had plenty of students to carry on his lesson plans as usual. On a typical day between 89 and 91 percent of students are in attendance. Monday, Oct. 27, the rate was 72 percent.

Many people believe that social media made the issue seem to be much bigger than it really was. Student posts were blown out of proportion and false stories were formed on what actually occurred. As a result, some students stayed home.

Senior Tamara Pfropper chose to stay home. According to her, her mother would not allow her to come after receiving the information of the threat. When asked if she feels safe at RHS she said yes.

“Nothing bad has happened to me,” Pfropper said. However, she didn’t mind taking the day off of school.

“These situations are very disruptive and I hope students will exercise caution when repeating information. Student safety is always our priority,” Hedemark added.

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