Juniors and Seniors battle neck in neck to win the Powder Puff game. `


Maddy Lagassa showing off her moves.

Anitra Vance, Silk Boyd, Staff Reporter

The annual powder puff game was held at Bob Eineichner memorial football field at 6:30 p.m. During the game the juniors won against the seniors, 14 to 12. The girls in the game played hard to take the win. Both teams put forth effort in the game that day.

To kick off the game the seniors won the coin toss defending first. The first play of the game quarterback and running back Lauren Orler, 26, for the juniors caught a bad snap on the first play of the game, and ran it for 20 yards.

In the 2nd play of the game, the seniors got an interception and ran it 23 yards. Senior quarterback Madelynn Lagassa could not complete a pass because the wide receivers were covered. Lagassa ended up running it for 53 yards all the way to the one yard line.

Throughout the game, the juniors stopped the seniors from scoring multiple times.

During the extension contest both cheer teams were loud and it lasted 10 minutes and 53 seconds with the seniors winning.

The game ended with a draw and both teams went into overtime. The seniors ended up scoring first and then the juniors, with their redemption chance, ended up scoring with a two point conversion winning the game.

Maddy Lagassa showing off her moves.

In order to participate next year, junior and senior girls have to pass at least four subjects in the spring of 2017. If a team member already plays a sport in fall, or interscholastic athletic teams, the coach  must give permission for participation. No games or practices for the school team should be missed.

Juniors and seniors can  prepare for the game by practicing and working out, even though some have never played it before. Senior Olivia Peterson said they still are looking forward to having a great game and a great time.

The practices do not only make them stronger for the game, but it also makes their bond stronger as a team. This leads to better teamwork on the field and better friendship. To build these bonds, the team goes shopping and hangs out together after school.

“Looking forward to playing the game with my friends and  growing our bond stronger,” junior Maya Chamberlain said.

This activity is for ladies to have during homecoming events to play flag football, fundraised by the Booster Club.New juniors participating this year, and seniors who do not have a jersey or mouthguard will have to purchase it to play in the game. If you played as a junior and are planning to play this year again, wear your jersey from last year.  

If you are interested in participating next year for the all-girl flag football game, you will have to pick up a permission slip in the athletic office, turn it in filled and signed by a parent and let Roseann Martz know. New juniors participating next  year, and seniors who do not have a jersey or mouthguard will have to purchase it to play in the game. The cost of the jersey and mouthguard is $25 cash only. This also goes for becoming a student coach, boy cheerleader, or player for the game.