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May 28, 2015


Jonah Acedillo: To Rachel, Michael, and John: I’ll just tell you in person. To the rest of my friends: thank you for all of the laughs, smiles, and great times we have shared. I hope that I have made a positive impact on you. Make your high school experience a good one; it goes by a lot quicker than you would think. Also, shoutout to Frodo Baggins and the Farquaad squad. #DatBrass.

Allen Adams: Had fun, looking forward to how things play out after high school. I really don’t know what to say.

Charles Allen: We all have to stay in touch. Thank you Stephanie for being there for me, and making my senior year stress free.

Meaghan Allen: Joe, my wonderful boyfriend, I will still see you during the summer and next year. I love you. Alaric, John, Michelle, and Nikolai: I will miss you guys and I hope I still see you guys.

Katie Appleton: Nick – you have made a great impact in my life and I love you. Bri – you’re my best friend I love you! Ricky R- you taught me lessons I needed to learn, thank you! Lilli and Alexis – I’ll miss you most and finally Erin! You’ve helped so much thank you so much you’re truly my best friend. I could count on you for anything.


Taylor Besko: You guys are the best thanks for always staying by my side, we’ll always be bff’s after we graduate, Love you all, Jessica, Mads, Miranda, Gina, Linds, and Kate. Shout out to JP and Miranda for taking care of me in PCB, you guys are great. XOXO

Justin Blackford: To all my friends at my side on the final year of my high school career, thank you so much for everything you’ve all done for me. I was so fortunate to have you all in my life and I’m glad I got to make all the memories that I will have forever. With this bittersweet good-bye, I leave behind a part of my heart to this school and those in it.

Brielle Blackwell: I’m so thankful for all the friends I made over these 4 years. I’ve made bonds with people that will never be broken. My group of friends this year made my last year here great and I love them all.

David Brandon: Thank you all for being there for me, I can’t thank you enough. I will always remember the fun times that we’ve had together.

Jaclyn Brohl: Squad 6! My senior year would have been nothing without you girls! I can only look forward to our future book club! Much love! XOXO


Antonio Campbell: I wish you guys the best of luck. Class of 2015, we out here!!!

Coua Chang: Thanks for being with me and supporting me through my ups and downs. We’ve all come a long way and I’m excited to see what lies ahead for all of us!

Dominic Coschino: I love you all. Stay golden, Ponyboy.


Ryan DiCiacca: Wherever the 9 of us end up in life, you guys will always have a special place in that organ in my chest that beats. I love you all

Adam Dimmer: I love you all but some of you are fake foreal.

Mary Drekh: To all of my friends, I love you homies. Keep it real.

Lilliana Dyer: Ally, you’re the best. I don’t think I would’ve stayed here this year if it wasn’t for you. Dillon, I’ll be watching you.


Mercedez Farley: Regina Ritter you’ve been my best friend since middle school I love the friendship that we have. Justine and Abby, we have become so close and I love it. Love you BFF’s. River Brant – Best boyfriend ever. John and Jay – Love you boys.


Sean Gibson: To stay cool. Don’t do anything stupid.

Madeline Greggo: Good luck in your future. Try and not make too many bad decisions. Life is short so have fun and never settle for anything less. I have had a good time these past years, thank you for helping me realize who the true people are in this school. Just because we’re graduating it’s not goodbye, more like see you soon.

Alexis Grimshaw: Even though most of us are splitting up for next year, you guys will always be my best friends and I can’t wait for all nine of us to hangout all summer. Love you guys!

Isabella Gordon: Thank you for whoever has been there for me for the last three years. I couldn’t thank you enough.


Kayla Harvey: I can’t imagine my high school life without my cheer friends. I love you all, and a special shout out to babe, my squad, and bff/college buddy, Juli, and my foreign friend Emilie.

Davon Hill: Stop being a player, Marcus Wiley. To Jalen Martin, stay loyal to your girl forever. To Dante Carson, never turn into a player like Marcus.


Anastasia Jacyk: Cassidy- I’ll miss you a lot. Let’s hangout a lot this summer. Rory- Good luck next school year. Enjoy your summer. Lindsey Sahlaney- You’re truly amazing person and best. Let’s hangout this summer.

Miranda Julian: You guys have made such a huge impact on my life, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. Leah, Taylor, Linds, Kate, and Gina thank you for being my best friends, and for making countless memories. I love you girls forever, always keep in touch! J.P. thanks for having my back go get your license so I don’t have to drive you around anymore! Xoxo Love you guys!

Ken Juras: It’s been along four years but every piece of it was worth the ride with you guys! I love you all and this is just the beginning. Let’s go tackle the world like we did high school!


Brendan Kwietniewski: What friends… ha just kidding. I will miss all of my friends all in certain ways, you know who you are. 😉


Justin Leavy: I want to say goodbye to my boys on the bowling team. Good luck next year at states, I know you’ll get there again.


Jay Manfreda: Live long and prosper, stay in school.

Kevin Margranter: Thanks for being there when I needed a laugh or just someone to talk to in class. You guys made life less boring in school.

Michael McConnell Jr.: Autumn Merideth THE BEST! Squad up since 7th grade. High school has brought me close to Tylor and Ryan.

Alisha Megge: Aubrey, Emily, Emma, and Alec: I love you guys, thanks for everything.

Autumn Merideth: Maddie Kay- Rock on Homie. Izz, Nels, Meg, Ana- Love you all! Claire Kastner- love our bonding moments! Going to miss you like crazy!

John Mills: Goodbye and good luck to all of my friends who have made my high school experience amazing. You all are awesome people and it is a pleasure to have been friends with you.


Martauis Newson: Jessica Bacon, you are my best friend and I love you so much.

William Ni: To all my high school friends, thanks for the support you gave me throughout these years of high school, life will be certainly different without you guys.


Devin Olko: It’s time for me to start giving and stop receiving.


Stephanie Parker: Thanks Abby, John, Cedez, Justine for being there for me. You guys showed me what real friends are. Megan Toureau and Jessie, I love you guys and enjoy the rest of your time at RHS. Make the most of it

Sheyenne Patheal: Kami- I love you and I’m going to miss you! Des- You are my bae, my best friend, I’ll see you soon. Damien & Everyone- I hate you all. Joking. I will miss you guys.

Andrew Paton: Matt Pilotto, you are my boy! Austin Schafer, you are my 2nd hour buddy. After high school we will have to hang out.

Elizabeth Peruzzi: Do good.

Joseph Petrone: You guys have the biggest impact on my career in high school. From having you guys as friends I have learned a lot, being pushed down to being picked up. You are the ones I will always rememeber.

Cassidy Phillips: to my BFF Anastasiya, who is always there for me no matter what.

Treaustin Pippen: Goodbye to everyone. For all my senior friends, I hope to see you again in life. To all the underclassmen, stay strong, it’s only so much time left. Special goodbye to my favorite girl Mandejah.

Katie Potbury: I have many of you. You know who you are. I just want you to know that each one of you has touched my heart. Each one of you will always have a special place in my heart. Bubba, my sister, I’ll get to see you a lot, but for those I won’t get to see much of, know I’ll never forget you. Pleas never forget me. I love you.


Anthony Reinke: Good luck with life.

Nathan Richendollar: I’m going to miss all my friends while in Virginia, especially my comrades from the football team, quiz bowl team, and my fellow envirothonners: Tylor Roberts, Mike McConnell, Andrew Paton, Fera, Morgan Barbret, Ferris Batarseh, Philip Longueiul, Joe Kavalchek, Kyle Rumer, and Brennan Loles. No, Allen, I didn’t forget to put my best friends on the list. I will especially miss the frequent company of Allen Adams.

Brittany Robinson: Shout out to Audrey Smith, Dawsan Dickerson, Sharon, Rachel Allor, La’Dasia Neal, and of course my baby Jalen Martin! I’m going to miss you guys. I love all of you, Dasia keep steppin, I’m so lucky to have all of you in my life! #Family

Audriana Ruiz: To my group of friends that I have gotten closer to this year, thank you for making it the best year I have had. Thank you for the laughter we’ve shared together, the memories we won’t forget and most of all thank you for being the best of friend I could ask for.

Kalee Rumfelt: To Josh, thank you for being my best friend and rock for 4 years. To Miranda, thank you for not only being my sister but one of my best friends too. To my mixed enchiladas, stay spicy! To Amber, Maddie, and Meghan thank you for being my day ones and never leaving my side. To the nerd squad thank you for giving me a place to fit into in high school. I love you all!


Mohammad Shaneshal: My message to my friends is study hard.

Andrew Smith: I would like to thank my friends for supporting me and being there for me throughout high school. You guys made high school more enjoyable. I wish you all good luck in the future.

Audrey Smith: To Brittni, Rachel, Dawson, La’Dasia, Molli, Sharon, Malak, Marquise, Rebecca, you guys are some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Thank you for making my time at RHS so memorable!

Lindsey Somoski: Just want to say thanks to the greatest group of friends that made my senior year so worth it. Regina Ritter, Kate Dicken, Miranda Julian and Taylor Besko. I will love you all forever! Joey Petrone and Austin Morrow are pretty cool too.

Alana Street: I love you Angel and Tiffany Finzel! You have made senior year great and fun for me. To my other friends I love you guys too! I can’t wait to see where the next six years brings us. Good luck to my brother Tyler Street and all of my junior friends!


Annette Tant: Thank you to my friends, who have supported me in both good and bad times and the ones that were always there to lend me a hand or share a laugh. Especially to Sarah, Triston, Ray, Lenny, Amber, the lovely Justin, the members of the Drama Society and everyone else who has given me a hand.

Travis Theut: To all of my friends, thank you for being awesome. I will definitely remember the good times. I will always remember the time we were banned in three classes from playing Uno. Thanks for being there when I needed you guy the most. Thanks for all the wonderful paranormal stories. Maybe we will go to a haunted place one day- thank you guys for all the great memories. Good luck in the future.

Devonte Thomas: Yo man be 100 all the time. Don’t be fake for no one, always speak your mind, do what you want and what makes you happy. No one else is going to bed thinking “I sure wish (name here) had a fun time tonight”

DaJon Thompson: I’ll miss you all. We’ve all had our ups and downs but we got through them. Also I want to say that I love my beautiful girlfriend Alicia Rejc.

Julianna Tribu: All cheerleaders! Even though I sucked, be better than the last senior group and KEEP GETTING THOSE TUCKS! #B2TW #3 HUNNA. All soccer players! If we ended up not getting a banner, keep pushing and work.

Madeline Trudeau: Thank you everyone for putting up with me for all these years. JessicaZitka we’ve been friends my whole life and you’re so great and amazing.


Michelle Waderlow: I will miss all of you guys. You have been there from the beginning. I hope to stay in touch. You guys know who you are. I love you guys and we will stay together.

Brandon Walker: To all my friends I’ve made this year and all the ones I have. I will miss you all so make sure you keep in touch once we graduate.


Kevin Xiong: You guys are the best. We’ve been through a lot. Thanks for making senior year the best. I’ll see you guys on the fleet.


Callyn Young: Shout out to Ashley Watts for being a great friend. Thank you for everything you do for me and having the exact same brain as me. I can’t wait for that Slipknot concert

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